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  • A Thought

    “Seasons change, Time goes by But one thing never changes, The thought of you, Always remains”

  • Lucky Stars

    The luck she thought she never had, As she saw others go by, And she stood in the same place and wondered why? What was different about them, Why did they deserve what they got, When she never saw them… Read More ›

  • A Note

    I wrote a note to myself, In that note I wrote, Never to forget those wonderful times, Treasure the moments created, Remember the hardships faced, And the success that followed, The learning from those experiences, Where I gained my wisdom,… Read More ›

  • Wise Choices

    When do we listen to what others say, How much of it do we listen and how much to throw away, What to keep and what will stay, Its upto us how we take it at the end of the… Read More ›

  • Lost

    Glass structures, Tall buildings, No space, Nature destroyed, No sign of greenery, There is no view….

  • Pillar of Strength

    I thank you for the smile you bring to me everytime I am down, The worries seem to disappear around you, Tough times feel miles away, The comfort of knowing you are always there to hold me when I fall,… Read More ›

  • Heavenly Path

    Gardens decorated, Gentle breeze, Shower of flowers, Walking the path on a bed of roses..

  • The Elegance

    Moving swiftly dancing along the way, Potraying elegance in every movement, Majestic and beautiful, They land with their wings flapping, Their slender long neck, Making it easy to catch their prey, Together always, Never been apart, Their reflection in water… Read More ›

  • A Glimpse

    The sun hid itself slowly as the evening approached, The hills provided a place to hide, Awaiting the moon to rise, A starry nite, Till the next day, A glimpse of the beautiful sunrise…