The Calling

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The hills are calling me,

A voice that echoes,

The clear blue sky and the river that flows below,

The hills are calling me and I hear so,

The winds that make the trees dance,

The clouds bowing to the hills what a sight it must be,

The hills are calling me come visit,

The view is magnificent and I can say no more,

For I am now speechless and lost in its beauty….

The Search

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She walked the lonely streets,

In search of someone she had to meet,

A drop of tear on her cheek,

Her eyes swollen she hadn’t slept for a week,

With no slippers she ran barefoot out the door onto the street,

She searched everywhere but couldn’t find the one,

She looked at the sky and the clouds passing by,

There was a sound of thunder and rain that came by,

Soaked in wet clothes she made her way back home,

As yet again tomorrow she will continue the same,

With no results and only disappointment her search will end yet again…

A Dream Within a Dream – Edgar Allan Poe – Poem of the Day

Déjà Vu – A Feeling

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Have you ever had the feeling that you have visited a certain place before,

A strong sense of recollection of the time and the place,

The previous experience are uncertain or believed to be impossible,

I try to remember what it is but cant recall,

Looking around to find something out of place,

In the walls are captured the stories untold,

Memories which it must reveal,

A past which does not show,

Everything is new but yet has a sense of familiarity,

I feel cold shivers,

An old feeling of Déjà vu!

Unexpected Swings

Mood swings like the waves in an ocean,

Drowning in the depth of uncertainty,

A moment of happiness,

To the sudden burst of tears,

Anger and anxiety,

To the feeling of serenity and calmness,

Amidst the fog of no clarity,

If life can be uncertain,

So, can be the circle of uncertain moods making its rounds whenever it feels…..

Random Thoughts…

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We get hurt and feel the anger within us, But sometimes its better to let go of this anger within for our own well being”

“Nothing seems to feel right now but there is always a hope of a new change that keeps us going”

No one can make you feel low about yourself but you yourself”

“True happiness is not achieved by having material things but in treasuring every moment and capturing it with those close to our heart which is priceless”

“Writing ideas and thoughts help clear the mind and brings out the creativity in us”

“Loneliness and depression is the dark shadow that traps us but it is we who need to see the light and wake up”

The Art of Gratitude

Readiness to show appreciation for,

To return kindness,

The art of living a happy and fulfilling life,

Think of those who are less fortunate ,

Before you whine,

It is in finding peace of mind inside,

Being happy in the smallest of things,

That makes life living worthwhile,

The more gratitude you feel,

The more happiness and joy you will receive,

“Less is more”

The Decision

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Feelings hurt by those close,

Intentionally or Unintentionally is unknown,

They decided to not have a child,

They were happy on their own,

She was asked by many and taunted,

Every step she was hurt and a wound was felt,

It was not a crime but a decision they made,

Can people respect that and leave them on their own…

A Note

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I wrote a note to myself,

In that note I wrote,

Never to forget those wonderful times,

Treasure the moments created,

Remember the hardships faced,

And the success that followed,

The learning from those experiences,

Where I gained my wisdom,

As time passes by,

I wrote a note myself,

And so It follows ….

A Storm

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The dark clouds were rounding up,

From the bright light it was a gloom now,

There was a sudden quiet on the streets,

Was it this because of the coming storm,

The strong gushing winds, the dancing trees,

Windows and doors slamming,

The sounds were echoing across the streets,

The Storm was coming, The Storm was coming

All those caught in it now waiting for it to pass…