I make my way down the stream,

It has rained all nite,

The water is at its peak,

Caught in the waves i swirl around,

The stream ahead joins the sea,

I am eager to reach the bigger waters,

From there on i reach the shores,

Where it is safe for me,

On my way,

I catch the eye of young children playing nearby,

They are amused by me,

They watch me and play with me,

and let me go my way,

My journey is a tough one to take,

For the waters are deep,

I am just a small boat i may sink is my worry,

But yet i continue in these aggressive waters,

Conquering all the hurdles in my way,

To reach my destination where I will be free….

A Salute to the Brave

To those heroes that risk their life every single day,

Who keep the deadly virus away,

A salute to them for being brave and courageous,

In the need of the hour to secure our future…


The knight with his shining armor,

Born of the nobility and trained to fight,

Rode a long way in search of his bride,

His bravery was the talk of the town,

His achievements were many that he wouldn’t gloat,

Simple man leading a simple life,

He was a brave man who helped many,

Riding across valleys and hills he must meet his final task,

To impress and win over his bride,

She had a beauty that shined so bright,

The entire land would glow in her light,

The knight was happy to meet his match,

He won her heart many times,

The knight rejoiced for it was the happiest day of his life,

For having found his soulmate by his side until eternity….

Melody of Harmony

Once a humming bird hummed to me,

Singing in its beautiful melody,

It sang all day loud and clear,

By beating its wings,

Hovering in mid-air,

Showing me how well it can fly,

Humming to me stories of its life,

It flew above the flower bed,

Beauty and grace it was a sight to see,

Bringing in harmony and light,

I felt overwhelmed with its presence,

It came everyday and i would listen to it sing,

One morning when i stood near the window to see if it has come by,

There was no sight of it and I wondered why,

I waited for it for many months hoping its return,

But it never came by…….

No Words To Say

Lost and confused,

My mind drifts away,

It has no say,

It feels like it was just yesterday we met,

But today its lonely,

Tomorrow is far away,

I thought things will be fine,

But troubles never seem to go away….


Focusing the mind on a particular thought,

I reach a path towards enlightenment and self realization,

A clear and calm stable state,

Peace and perception of oneself,

A sense of well being and joy,

I think deeply and close my eyes and concentrate,

My mind is in a relaxed state,

A state of mental silence,

Restful and of heightened alertness,

Paying attention to the breath,

I float deeper into my thoughts and begin my spiritual journey….


Forgiveness is a decision of the heart,

It is a tough one but a kind one to start,

Mind contemplates these decisions,

But its about being positive,

Removing any negative inhibitions,

Anger and grief come along,

Someone hurts you badly that you fall down,

But its all about rising and letting it out,

Pain and sorrow are the feelings that arise now,

But you got to keep going and remember,

“Sometimes in life you got to be the bigger person and forgive even those who don’t deserve it and let it pass”