Pinch of Salt

Life as we know it can bring happiness or sadness it is how we deal with the situation is important. With a “pinch of salt” move ahead and achieve your goals no matter what come may. Try to find ways to challenge yourself and make the task at hand even harder so that even if you fall you know you have set the bar high and don’t feel completely disappointed about achieving the goal at a bar of 50-60% you know you tried your best.

Find happiness in the smallest of things and move on to venture further climbs explore your creativity and imagination and introspect areas where you know you will thrive. Identify those strengths and weaknesses and strike them one by one on the list. Trust me when you strike the strike on your list you will feel amazing.

So the next time you feel down say to yourself will take it with a “pinch of salt” 🙂

The Morning Sun

Your day starts with the gleam of light filling the room with energy,

Birds chirping nearby, dancing winds and passerby,

The clouds, the sky and the sun’s light paint a beautiful picture of the things that will come by,

A new feeling awakens and fills our mind, the morning sun has come by,

Brightens all life, the trees, the flowers and the water shining bright,

Yesterday worries are gone, today brings a new day and smiles along

The heart fills with joy when the morning sun comes by….

The Innocence – The Poem

Purple Petaled Flower

In the world today, for the thirst of power the innocence is lost

Competition kills us at last

Pretentious behavior with selfishness takes all, where is the peace after all

Deception and glory are all, why can’t the innocence stay with us all

Children with their smiles and laughter don’t know what is out there

It gets harder all the way, step by step we begin to fail

But we rise today for, as we remember those days how we fell and learnt from our mistakes

Innocence, Our Innocence is it with us all, can we become children again after all?

There are things we can look for as we find innocence in us after all….