Smile All the Way..

The feeling of joy in our hearts, expressed through our thoughts

The innocence on a baby’s face brings a smile to our face,

A perfect picture is what you get, when you bring a smile,

Smile is infectious they say, removes all problems and keeps us at bay

Expression of happiness and sometimes sadness when someone smiles I smile too

It wrinkles up your face, and when its gone its gone and comes back when it may,

Smile through out the way to keep your worries away!

Power of Music

Makes you feel happy even when you are sad,

Your best-friend when in need, sounds that calm the mind

Suited for all changes of mood, Various forms and various styles

Make it your hobby, or listen for pleasure

the music takes you to a different world, just like reading makes you feel fulfilled

Its always music to the ears when in stress, calms you down when in anger

Listen to it while meditating , some have a meaning some for fun

Music is like waves of sounds like flowers dancing in the wind

Power of music is incredible isn’t it ?

Memories Forever

Thoughts that never go away, always remain with you to stay,

Makes you smile and makes you cry ,

These are the moments in your life,

the Joy you felt and the sadness you felt ,

That nobody can take away, memories captured are yours forever to come by,

Remembering those best moments in your life, that went out with a blink of an eye

Memories are forever to be cherished as time gone never comes by….