The Golden Keys

A small girl was playing in the garden when she came across an unusual key, It had some writings on it and seemed pretty old to see, She wondered what opens with the key, On the way back home she found another key she picked up that one too and continued to make her way […]

The Village

Across a muddy road and ‘O er the hills and plains lies a quaint village, The air was fresh, breathing out the fragrances of recent rain, Found myself lost in the beauty of nature O listen! what a beautiful sound the cuckoo bird sings along a welcome to the travellers from far away and beyond, […]

The Traveller

A man went on a journey leaving his current world to another, Crossed different galaxies and planets, He travelled fast and through space, only to reach a new place, It was his planet in the past only looked a bit different , He explored the place suddenly saw a familiar face, It was himself but […]

What If ?

What if there were no challenges and life was all smooth and calm, What if there was only happiness and no sorrows , What if there was no concept of money and everyone could buy whatever they want, What if you could travel anywhere you want with a blink of an eye, What if you […]

Evergreen Sounds

Among the tall trees and the beautiful green lush fields, A sound is heard across, Echoing as though they communicate with each other, It’s a song which beautifully rhymes, Birds singing and humming in an line, The sound of the breeze coordinates with the moving of trees, Oh what a beautiful feel, the sky is […]

Truth Above All

Their Dreams are unfulfilled , their failure is a success for some, Others put them down with no hesitation, selfishness and greed takes over kindness, Power takes the highest role, simplicity is no where to be found, Their struggles never seem to end for them truth holds the highest key, Mediocrity is saluted, they have […]

The Mysterious Man

A man with a hood over his head and a paper bag in his hand, Running through the streets met another man, they greeted each other From there he went to a lonely street which was dark but had only one shop which was seen, He stopped at the shop around the corner and picked […]

The Stormy Sea

The boat was sailing at sea when the gusts of wind came howling at me, Waves were twisting and turning and storm began to grow, The boat shook from side to side, people were scared to be thrown, Screams could be heard, the captain was trying to keep everyone calm, Thunder and lightening were on […]

The Unknown Twin

She had a smile across her face she saw something familiar, The water was crystal clear and brought a tear, She stared for hours for it made her excited to see herself, Strange thing she wondered what it was, was it her twin? She admired her beauty and charm, For she had no mirror to […]