The Golden Keys

A small girl was playing in the garden when she came across an unusual key,

It had some writings on it and seemed pretty old to see,

She wondered what opens with the key,

On the way back home she found another key she picked up that one too and continued to make her way through,

After sometime she saw a very bright light at a distance,

With all alacrity she walked towards it, she crossed over hills

until she came to a tree where the light was coming from,

She looked around to see what was causing the bright light

From the top of the tree fell another key,

She picked up the key and now had three keys,

This key had a map like drawing on it, she went to meet a lady with the 3 keys in hand,

The lady was reading a book when the girl showed her the keys,

Looks like it was a key that leads to somewhere which was never seen,

The lady agreed to help the girl to find the origin of the key,

They set across the valleys and O’er hills and reached the place finally,

They saw a cottage covered with beautiful flowers and trees,

the girl was excited and could see a door which required a key,

She went and opened the door with the first key,

Inside she found an old box which was opened with the second key,

In the box she found a book to read and had some pictures of the girl and the lady together,

the girl was shocked and was wondering what had happened,

the lady opened another box with the third key, in the box was a beautiful dress for the girl to wear,

The girl got tears in her eyes as she realized it was the lady who gave her a birthday surprise,

She cried and hugged the lady and said she will always remember this day forever..

The Village

Across a muddy road and ‘O er the hills and plains lies a quaint village,

The air was fresh, breathing out the fragrances of recent rain,

Found myself lost in the beauty of nature O listen! what a beautiful sound

the cuckoo bird sings along a welcome to the travellers from far away and beyond,

Nev’r will you ev’r feel this calmness anywhere,

A house made with a thatched roof with straw or branches of palm trees gives a rustic feel ,

Moving along there are many rice fields with small streams and ponds nearby,

Cattle or sheep grazing in the pasture, while the farmer works in the fields

The climate surrounding the village is always pleasant,

Sky is so blue and the clouds are as white as pearls,

There is no sign of the city life the air is so pure,

A certain spiritual serenity among the magnificent rural landscapes,

I leave this place with a feeling of content until the next time….

The Traveller

A man went on a journey leaving his current world to another,

Crossed different galaxies and planets,

He travelled fast and through space, only to reach a new place,

It was his planet in the past only looked a bit different ,

He explored the place suddenly saw a familiar face,

It was himself but at a younger age, he hid himself as he didn’t want to disrupt the time space,

He followed the boy for sometime until he reached an open space,

It was the cricket ground the man used to play, other children were too present there ,

He couldn’t recognize any of them from a distance away, suddenly a voice called out to the boy,

It was his mom shouting out from nearby, the man followed the boy in anticipation to see his parents as they stayed nearby,

As he got closer to his home he remembered a memory at this time and place,

The man saw a tree which had a carving on it which said “you will visit again”

It was like the man as a boy knew he will come back here again and had left a message to explain,

The man moved ahead following the boy again and held his breathe and wished there was someone there,

The door opened and the boy entered and the man could only see a bit of the person’s face,

he moved closer only to find different people there, he was shocked and in vain

Maybe in this timeline his parents weren’t there yet again, the man moved away and began to head back to his world,

Only to travel again till he finds his true parents again….

What If ?

What if there were no challenges and life was all smooth and calm,

What if there was only happiness and no sorrows ,

What if there was no concept of money and everyone could buy whatever they want,

What if you could travel anywhere you want with a blink of an eye,

What if you could touch the rainbow in the sky?

What if there were no tears only joy,

What if you could travel across the galaxy and watch the planets pass-by,

What if your luck was so good that everything you dream would be yours?

What if you could see the moon whenever you want?

If things are available easily,

Life is not life when these hardships are not defined…

Evergreen Sounds

Among the tall trees and the beautiful green lush fields,

A sound is heard across,

Echoing as though they communicate with each other,

It’s a song which beautifully rhymes,

Birds singing and humming in an line,

The sound of the breeze coordinates with the moving of trees,

Oh what a beautiful feel, the sky is clear blue with gorgeous views,

It’s the simple sounds that make us smile,

Among the wonderful flowers that surrounds us,

The sound of buzzing bees, and the beauty of nature ,

Brings a feeling of calmness from within,

in the lap of valleys and fields..

Truth Above All

Their Dreams are unfulfilled , their failure is a success for some,

Others put them down with no hesitation, selfishness and greed takes over kindness,

Power takes the highest role, simplicity is no where to be found,

Their struggles never seem to end for them truth holds the highest key,

Mediocrity is saluted, they have no say and yet they dare to dream in this world,

They want to achieve great heights but obstacles lie,

No one seems to understand them, yet their strength never dies

They realize they are very few like them who are still very kind and still believe in the truth,

So, they keep going and that makes the difference…

The Mysterious Man

A man with a hood over his head and a paper bag in his hand,

Running through the streets met another man, they greeted each other

From there he went to a lonely street which was dark but had only one shop which was seen,

He stopped at the shop around the corner and picked a few things,

Some chocolates, some bread and something to drink,

a blanket, a pillow and some clean water and some other few things,

Then rushed and crossed the main road only to lead to another lonely street,

It was a cold night and there was fire pit lit everywhere,

He walked and walked for a mile till he reached where the homeless sleep,

An old man and a small girl were asleep and shivering with cold

The man silently kept the packet with all the food and the drinks and left the street,

Next day morning the girl and the old man got up with a smile and wondered

who had helped them in such a time,

They thanked their stars and prayed and felt overjoyed for they had not eaten for a very long time…

The Stormy Sea

The boat was sailing at sea when the gusts of wind came howling at me,

Waves were twisting and turning and storm began to grow,

The boat shook from side to side, people were scared to be thrown,

Screams could be heard, the captain was trying to keep everyone calm,

Thunder and lightening were on the dark seas,

The light of the lightening was the only light that could be seen,

We were far away from the main land, no island and nothing in between,

Oh let this stormy night pass, for people were getting sick at sea

Then suddenly i heard a voice waking me up in between,

It was morning and a beautiful day i took a deep breathe and realized it was all just a dream…

The Unknown Twin

She had a smile across her face she saw something familiar,

The water was crystal clear and brought a tear,

She stared for hours for it made her excited to see herself,

Strange thing she wondered what it was, was it her twin?

She admired her beauty and charm,

For she had no mirror to look at for so long,

She moved her hand back and forth keeping one eye on her new friend,

And wondered, how can this person do exactly the same thing,

It was a fun game and she spent most of her time playing it,

Her reflection in water began to glow with the light and she found it a pretty sight,

Now she must go home and tell her parents about her day,

About how she met the most amazing person today!