Prayer of the Homeless

I am helpless but not weak,

I may not have the things you have but I have my pride,

Don’t take pity on me,

I will survive…


It quenches your thirst,

Colorless, transparent and odorless,

It forms the seas, lakes, and rivers

Creating joy to those who wait for it at harvest,

Brings comfort to those lost in the barren lands,

Till the last drop that touches the lips,

To wash away sins of past and present life,

To the dancing of the trees rejoicing the rain,

To the greens of the forests that breathe life,

A drop is so precious without which none of us can survive….

Random Rhyme Conclusions

With all that is going on, I thought to lighten the mood of the readers. Hope you guys enjoy it.


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair,

I am sorry but I cut my hair short its the new style I wanted to try…”


“I lost my glass slipper as I left the palace,

The prince in search of his queen rode many hours,

Until he found the one,

Yes, She is the one he said,

Cinderella got a good price at Amazon so she sold the slipper with cashback options”


Three little pigs built their house and the big bad wolf was on the way,

He met someone who was a real estate agent and diverted his way”

That’s all folks for now!

Have a lovely day.


The white strands were visible,

Their memory started to fade,

But young at heart were they,

who were growing old with grace,

Their entire life is a wonderful journey,

they accomplished their desires ,

Watching over their grandchildren as they played,

They have travelled the world,

A treasure of experiences to share,

Having taken many risks at their time,

Now they want peace and tranquility and grow old gracefully,

They are fulfilled with what they have achieved in their lives,

And have no regrets to this day,

For they take life as it comes with the time that passes by…

Essence of Time

Tick Tock its half past ten,

Time flew so fast i didn’t realize then,

What has happened cannot be changed,

For time gone will never come again,

Every minute is important and plan your time wisely,

Make a difference and see the change,

As we organize ourselves and contribute in a big way,

For time does not stand still for anyone what come may!!!

If Only We Could

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If we could turn back time would we change the decisions we made,

Would we avoid making those mistakes again,

Could a tragedy have been avoided,

If we could turn back time when life was much simpler,

Could we have saved a loved one,

Could we have avoided all the pain,

Would we have enjoyed every moment much more knowing things will change,

If we could turn back time will life ever be the same….


Dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur,

Camouflaged while hunting,

A solitary but social predator,

Kills prey by clamping down on the prey’s throat,

Moves very silently in the tall grass keeping a watch,

Roaring and growling,

Eyes sparkling in the forests of the night,

In those eyes of flame one can see its next prey,

At a distance walking towards you,

Following your every step,

Makes its move by surprise,

Behold! the mighty tiger whose path you dare not pass….

A materialistic MIND

Non- attachment to things is freedom,

A self-realization of reality waiting to be explored,

How much of material wealth would satisfy,

A bottomless pit of greed and ego,

When you live you own things,

Focused on objects, ownership and wealth,

When you die you take nothing,

Memories in life are the riches,

Thoughts are wealth worth beyond any price,

People close to us are golden,

Love is something money can’t buy. …


Growing from bulbs with large prominent flowers,

Often fragrant comes in different colors,

Markings include spots and brush strokes,

So pure and spotless swinging in the air,

Late spring or summer-flowering brings you,

There is no fragrance in all of the earth as sweet,

the sun and the moon govern the times and the seasons,

the sunrise awakens the dew of the morning,

Growing wild in the forest and on a grassy plain of mountains,

Symbolizing purity and refined beauty,

You can convey different meanings just with your color,

Your beauty is elegant splendid in appearance,

Your presence can bring back light in a dark room….

lost alone

I am lost my feet feels tired and are giving up on me,

The woods are dark and deep and I continue running,

Not looking back or stopping to rest my feet,

I tremble with fear,

Its lonely and one can hear weird sounds all around,

Huge spiders climbing out of the ground,

As I move ahead with caution I realize I am stuck in a huge web,

The spiders move towards me posing a threat,

I freeze and cannot move,

Scared and terrified I scream,

Only to wake up and realize it was a bad dream,

I take a deep breathe of sigh and relief….