The Cave

It was a beautiful sunny morning with a cup of coffee in my hand,

I heard a sound at my door it was the post man ,

It was a letter from my friend who wanted to trek nearby,

I agreed and asked all of them to come by,

The day finally came when we started our trek,

We went deep into the forest and followed a path,

After many hours of trekking we realized it was getting dark ,

As we made our way back we saw a huge line of bats,

It was a cave we decided to rest for the night,

The cave was dark we used our lights to brighten the place,

As we all started sharing our stories of our adventures,

we realized one of them had gone missing or might have ventured ,

As we began to search we went deeper into the cave, we could hear water nearby

and decided to drink some as the water we had got had run dry,

We found the missing friend, She showed us a way which exited the cave,

We followed her till we reached a place which had writings and drawings of an ancient place,

It was majestic and artistic we began to see each one closely ,

Before we knew it , it was the next day

the sun was shining and it was time for us to go away…


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