In a time of solitude,

We continue to find our strength in the silence,

The togetherness and hopes of a recovery,

A hope of a new life,

We continue to move towards the light of the future and a new beginning it brings with it….






Beautiful and magnificent,

A figment of my imagination,

I Paint a picture,

Using gentle brush strokes on my canvas,

Making different patterns with different colors fresh and vibrant,

Excited to see the way different colors blend,

Capturing the brightness of the sun,

Clouds overcasting mountains,

Beauty of the sky in light blue,

I capture the vision of the painting in words bringing my imagination to life…..



You are tested at every step,

Some are difficult some an easy pass,

Your darkest moments haunt you and you wonder when this time will pass,

There is nothing to fear when you see everything clear,

After every dark night there is always a ray of sunshine,

Study your experiences and your wisdom pays off,

For life is a test and a journey of learning if learnt well you will surpass….



Running with the wind,

the manes touch the sky,

The hoof beats in a rhythm,

Galloping over the hills,

A breathe of Freedom,

You can hear the heart beat and feel the breathe,

Grazing in the grasslands open and wild,

Loving the smell and freshness of grass,

Moving with grace and dignity,

Not resting or stopping,

Born free and wild, like a horse with wings….




A small village had a well,

Old and weathered but a unique one,

Filled with water and stones at the bottom,

The villagers believed it was a lucky well,

Anyone who drew water from it,

Would get all the good luck at once,

The villagers would pray day and night and thank the well,

One morning a villager went to drink water,

He stood shocked water had gone,

He assembled everyone,

The villagers panicked and wondered what went wrong,

Where had all the water gone?

Maybe it dried up with no rains for so long,

Time froze for them,

With the well gone the villagers had no clue how to move on…



It’s going to happen no matter what you do,

your future or the per-ordained path of your life,

Destiny is what happens when you commit to growing, learning and taking those chances

You are destined for greatness through your active decisions,

We hold our destiny in ourselves,

Destined to dream and achieve greatness,

A matter of choice to be achieved,

It shows the path it is we who need to find the right way,

Destiny is you and what you make of it and no one else can make it for you…



When the mind wanders it takes me to a different world where time comes to a still,

The mind when troubled with many thoughts is like the ocean in a storm,

When calm its like the wind that blows gently all around,

When excitement follows its like the flowers rejoice the return of spring,

Mind in anger is like a hurricane waiting for thunderstorms,

When sad and lonely wandering mind has its own wings,

The mind wanders aimlessly disconnected from everyone, everything and far from home…


Hunter-Gatherers in search of food and water make their way,

Dressed in a distinct way they move in small groups from one place to another,

With their ancient hunting skills at place,

They hide behind the bushes to attack their prey,

Walking miles and miles in a day they remain isolated from others than their own,

The ancient origin is their self identity,

They speak multiple languages fluently,

The elders make up the village clan and are represented by a village chief,

They are nomadic and travel for days on their feet,

Pottery shows their culture traits,

They live in thatched huts surrounded by the dense jungle,

Bows and arrows their hunting tool, they live a simple life

Their way of living maybe ancient and out of place,

They have their pride and honor above all and live their own way….

Creature of the sea

Beneath the deep blue waters of the sea,

Something lurks around the dark corner,

With umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles,

Armed with stinging cells to fight of their enemy,

Catching prey and illuminating the dark spots as it pushes the threats away,

Hurting anyone that stands in the way,

Swept to the shores at times it dies once it reaches there,

An excellent swimmer they say, the creature can be dangerous in many ways

Many other creatures also exist with this creature but makes this one more dominant,

All hail !! Its the creature of the sea…..