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Forgiveness is a decision of the heart,

It is a tough one but a kind one to start,

Mind contemplates these decisions,

But its about being positive,

Removing any negative inhibitions,

Anger and grief come along,

Someone hurts you badly that you fall down,

But its all about rising and letting it out,

Pain and sorrow are the feelings that arise now,

But you got to keep going and remember,

“Sometimes in life you got to be the bigger person and forgive even those who don’t deserve it and let it pass”

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I bring my thoughts to life through my writing. Some being my experiences in reality and some a figment of my imagination.

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    1. Yes that’s true but our heart feels much lighter once we forgive rather to hold on to those angry feelings. One cannot forget the pain that someone goes through but forgiving does help in reducing the pain.


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