All Aboard!!

All Aboard !! The train conductor’s call, The passengers made their way onto the train, The engine let out its steam and blew a whistle, It was then time to leave, Crew members, service attendants and porters hurried to make it to the train, The train started to move slowly as it left the station, […]

Burst of Flavors

The bitter sourness of the lemon hits you as you taste, To the sweetness of that oozing chocolate sauce with nuts and ice-cream, Melted to create that awesome taste, The spiciness of a chilli burning up your mouth, That hot sauce that mixes to create that smoke, To the tanginess of the tamarind, The aroma […]

Lonely Pain

She shut herself away, Loneliness was her only friend, She spoke to herself when she was in pain, She was not insane, She would cry for no reason at all, Every single day she hoped she wasn’t alive, Her family couldn’t understand her, They scolded her and hoped she would change, But little did they […]

Make it Go Away…. Your Way…

Have you ever met people who constantly try to annoy you? What do you do? Do you ignore and walk away? Or do you respond and stay, Whatever the case calmness is the key, The more annoyed you would get the more motivated they get, Its the constant feeling of getting the attention on them […]

Ladder to the Sky

I want to build a ladder to the sky, I want to see the whole world from up there, Tiny below well-lit at night, I want to float on the clouds, The blueness of the sky and the ocean, The sun and me having a long chat, Giggling and laughing our hearts out, In the […]

Imaginary City

Two people set on their way to discover and gain the fame, To discover an unknown city, As they went ahead they lost their way, The map all old and faded , With nothing or no one to help they used their instincts, Finally they reached a big tree the roots were deep and old, […]

Awards (Vincent Ehindero & Sunshine Blogger Award)

Hello All, Hope you are all doing great. I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award by Haroon and the Vincent Ehindero Blogger award by Aashi . I am very thankful and grateful to Haroon and Aashi for nominating me for these awards and really appreciate it. Both Haroon and Aashi are amazing poets […]