A Mind Reader

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He knows what you are thinking,

He has the ability to transmit words and images to someone else’s mind,

He doesn’t say a word,

But yet he reaches out and speaks his mind,

He is the mind reader who can tap into your subconscious,

He understands and makes you see the unknown,

Beware ! Don’t get too close he may just read your mind !”


Getting Nowhere

The constant pressure of our daily lives,

Our jobs which take most of our time,

We wonder if it gives us some satisfaction,

A feeling of accomplishment,

At the end of the day you are too tired even to speak,

Besides the fact that it pays your monthly bills,

You are trapped in the vicious circle,

No matter how hard you to try to get out,

Circumstances pull you back to where you start,

The robotic life may seem exciting to many,

But its following the line of uncertainty,

The work politics can be overbearing,

Where your individualism and your creativity are deep buried…..


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Its a difficult time,

Especially for those,

Whose daily livelihood has been taken away,

Who have their monthly bills to be paid,

Food to be purchased,

Organizations have decided their fate,

Searching and trying to find a new one,

Misery is bound to make fun,

They try and fail,

Upskilling helps so they study further and make their way,

With a positive mind they keep trying,

Not giving up they reach their glory,

Success stories of these people can be read nowadays,

They are the ones who motivate others to try the same,

Help those in need in anyway,

Gratitude for what you have goes a long way,

So, don’t compare with others,

These are desperate times,

We must understand the value of what we have and cherish it in every way….

Second Chance

Through and Through I thought,

Should I or Should I not?

This decision was hard to take,

Past had taught lessons I couldn’t put away,

But still I thought why not?

Will it be as bad as the last time ?

Or will this be a fresh start,

I wasn’t sure anyway,

For this is the risk I would need to take,

Maybe this time I am more cautious and prepared,

I would know how to handle things in a better way,

Maybe just Maybe, this second chance will prove to be a winner after all today….


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Sometimes when the good memories flash by,

While laughing a tear drops by,

Sometimes when I feel alone and I remember those times,

My heart feels heavy and I begin to cry,

Sometimes good news and surprises come by,

I jump with joy to hold on to it forever,

Sometimes when life seems tough,

I smile and take every struggle up with stride,

Sometimes I make a wish hoping it comes true,

Sometimes I like to have a talk with nature,

But all the time I wish things would go back to normal,

Time would reset itself,

And we would all be back to where we belong…

Ocean Moods

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

Our minds like the ocean waves,

With turbulence seems angry and lashed out,

Low tides a symbol of sadness,

High tides excitement follows,

Calmness like the still water,

Clarity in the form of clear and pure,

Struggles like storms at ocean,

Its chaos in our minds and uncertainty,

Erratic weather,

Lost ships at ocean with losing our minds,

Hopes with the weather clearing,

Tomorrow like the calm ocean,

Success like the sun that peeks from the clouds and shines…

Liebster Award!

Hello All,

Hope you are all doing great. I have been nominated for Liebster Award by Falling upwards. A good poet and an amazing writer. One must definitely make a visit to the blog

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Questions asked :

  1. I am a book lover too, so which book would you recommend and why? I enjoy different types of reading. I have many I like difficult to choose one.
  2. What’s your favorite cuisine? Indian and Chinese
  3. Would you rather go to space or to the bottom of the ocean? Definitely space provided I have the important things I need to survive and explore the space
  4. What are you most afraid of? Losing a loved one
  5. Mention one good and one bad quality of yours. Good quality I guess I am very simple person and down to earth.Bad quality I get anxious pretty fast it may not be a thing to worry but I start worrying about it.
  6. One of your fun memories from childhood. : Skipping with my two best friends
  7. What is the first thing people notice about you? Not sure
  8. What would be one thing that you would change that you did in your life? Nothing that I can think of I believe in not having any regrets and taking life as it comes
  9. What made you start blogging?I wanted to have a platform where I can express through my writing and connect with other talented people
  10. What made you follow my blog? I love your style of writing and the flair and the creativity and the choice of words.

I would like to nominate all my fellow bloggers here as I enjoy reading their content and the inspiration I get from all your blogs. And would like to thank Falling upwards again for nominating me and all the readers who inspire me.

Take care and Stay Safe.