Dreamy Moon

Eyes shut sleep takes over, Still holding on to be awake, No sound around, Lights off, Only the moonlit night sinks in, I immediately fall asleep a feeling I cannot express….

March Ahead

They marched towards their home, In pairs of two’s in a long straight line, Searching for food crumbs along the way, Disciplined and strict are they, Hardworking with no time to stop, They gather heavy loads and each of them plays a part, Its a difficult job they have, Forming colonies that range in size, […]

Forever Gone

The news arrived followed with tears in her eyes, She was gasping for breath, His voice was echoing in her ears, She had spoken to him a day before, Anxious to get back to his home, To be greeted by his wife and child, She sobbed and was still as a rock, Couldn’t eat or […]

A New Day

It’s time to wake up and start a new day, Taking deep breaths and soaking in the sun’s rays, Forgetting all worries and living in the moment, Dreaming of a better tomorrow for you and me are here to stay…..

Changing Times

When I sit to gather my thoughts, Some distractions block my thoughts, The phone rings continuously, Remembering those childhood days, When a rock was my playing space, No technology just simple play, Getting hands dirty in the mud, Playing outside all day, But now things have changed, Children play indoors with their phones, Tablets with […]

Dream On….

It started with dreaming of butterflies, rainbows and candies, Then it moved to more things like cycle, the fair, the merry-go rounds and the coasters, Then it started to feel odd to go to those places, Friends became closer and hours were spent with them, Selfies being clicked everywhere, Then there was that anxiety to […]

A New Self

Her instincts told her she was right, Had she listened to others she would have lost her path, But she stuck to it till the end, It was her life and her decision, She had to do what she had to do, She stepped out in the open, Freedom was just a step away, She […]