An Occupied Mind

Why do we think so much,

Why do we overthink on things that do not matter,

Why do we assume and make ourselves miserable,

Why does the mind wander,

Why can’t it always be calm and composed,

When you know you are right,

Why is there is a doubt in your mind,

Can we filter out the not needed,

Only keep those that matter,

Mind occupied with a million thoughts,

Seems a challenging task,

Lost in a fierce storm,

It is difficult to calm it down…

The Run

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When there is nothing you can do,

But sit back and watch,

As the circumstances unfold,

You dont want to be part of the game,

But you neither want to be played,

In the rat race one must prevail,

So says who?

Your uniqueness and your individuality are here to stay,

Your greatest strengths are these,

And Only, And Only these shall prevail…

A Simple Life

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The first time you felt a drop of rain in your palm,

The first time you tasted that amazing dish,

The first achievement you felt proud of,

The joke that you both shared and laughed,

The first surprise you experienced,

The cute puppy you played with,

The silly thing that made you smile,

It is the simplest of things in life,

That makes living every moment even more worthwhile…

Time Gone

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Through the hour glass,

As I watched the grains of sand filter flow,

Time seems to be seeping away quickly,

Hold on I say!

But time never seems to stop anyway,

This moment I hold and feel precious about,

The happiness that needs to stay,

With the time gone,

Seems to be slipping away,

I stare into the void of nothingness,

Having no clue,

But its true,

Every time the grain moves downwards,

The closer I get to reality….

The Arrow

Cupid laughed as he shot his arrow,

But his arrow suddenly turned away,

Missing his target and his prey,

Cupid was furious ,

For this had never happened before any day,

So ,he shot another arrow in the air,

Only to miss again,

The arrow turned towards his way,

Was cupid going to be hit by his own arrow,

He tried to escape but the arrow followed him all the way,

Finally striking him,

Cupid felt amazing in a way,

He was now feeling something that he never felt ever before any day….

What a Day….

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The monsoon showers,

The sudden droplets of rain,

But you seem to brighten my day,

I’m protected in your shelter,

Open arms wide to cover me ,

Colors that bring light to this gloomy cloudy day,

Oh! How I love dancing together,

I keep you close,

You never know when there will be unexpected showers again..

The Wait is Over

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Her feet ran as fast as they could,

They picked up speed and pace,

The sun felt brighter today,

The birds sang to her,

The winds greeted her on the way ,

It was the day she waited for,

Which had finally come,

The day she would reunite with her soul mate….


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,

Yes Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the horses and men ran to his rescue to put him back,

Humpty Dumpty had no clue if its going to work through,

He went to the shop to get some glue and tried fixing himself but couldn’t do,

He rode with one of the men on the horse his back hurt all through,

Finally he reached a river he had to cross he climbed down the horse and was lifted by his men across,

When he reached the other side it was getting dark and cold,

Humpty Dumpty started shivering,

A bright light sparkled on his face

Humpty Dumpty saw the moon’s glaze,

He got a smile on his face for the moon was half like him,

Incomplete and out of place,

Perhaps he thought the moon too needed help to be full and back again 🙂

The Morning Mist

The morning began with the cold haze,

The dew water droplets that form on the grass,

The low cloud drifting,

Fog builds up in the mountains,

The lake begins to fade,

The view fogs up,

The cold shivers,

The gentle touch,

I am caught up in the mist,

The sky, the mountains, the lake I seem to be lost among them…

True Words

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The truth hurts sometimes,

But those words must be spoken,

It may bring tears and sadness,

But the truth cannot be buried,

Lies cannot flourish,

Speaking your mind at that moment,

Some may understand,

Others may choose to ignore…