Paths Unexplored

Far away at a distance I saw two roads diverge, One showed straight and the other pointed away, As a traveler, I watched and stood, It was a tough decision to take, One route took less time and went over lovely valleys and beautiful streams, The other had a broken bridge and rough paths and […]

The Celebration

There was singing and dancing, Music played loud, The night clear and bright, The lanterns all lit colorful and pretty, Marking a new beginning, The village sparkled with lights, The quiet streets were now noisy, The children excited and cheerful, Smiles and laughter echoed through the streets, It was a celebration of hope, Rejoicing the […]

The Cold Shivers

There was cold winds that blew, A cold shiver was felt among those few, Cold nights and dark days hounded the streets, Those who couldn’t afford slept in the cold, Waiting for the bright light the morning would bring in, Hoping an end to their misery….

Lucky Stars

The luck she thought she never had, As she saw others go by, And she stood in the same place and wondered why? What was different about them, Why did they deserve what they got, When she never saw them even try, She thought she had no luck at all, For she tried and tried, […]