Paths Unexplored

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Far away at a distance I saw two roads diverge,

One showed straight and the other pointed away,

As a traveler,

I watched and stood,

It was a tough decision to take,

One route took less time and went over lovely valleys and beautiful streams,

The other had a broken bridge and rough paths and stops in between ,

The path is tough but will get you there,

I decided to take the rough road,

The wind was gushing,

It began to rain and the stream overflowing ,

Challenges over challenges I felt lost,

But still went on waiting for the dawn,

After a terrible night finally reached the other side,

Suddenly saw a light in the sky,

It was the lovely morning light,

I had made it through the night,

Laying down looking at the clear sky,

I felt proud,

I had achieved more than i think I could and felt satisfied….


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