The Memory

There is an image in my head of the travels I made, Which shouldn’t have come to an end, There is an image in my head of my favorites ones I visited, A memory still so fresh, There is an image of the village I visited, The country life I enjoyed, The beautiful nature and […]

Summer Showers

A cold wind blows bringing the smell of wet mud, The plants and trees welcome the rain, Dancing and rejoicing the coming of showers, Water drops on the leaves sparkling like a jewel, The sky roaring and warning of the showers coming, The light striking as though a click through a camera, A breath of […]

River Struck

A scenic river with many boats, Awaiting their passengers, I get on the boat and we move, The paddle gently stroking the water, Back and forth, The boatman with a smile paddles effortlessly, The sun setting over the horizon, The birds in the sky, And small island of trees nearby, We cross mangroves, Deep forests […]

The Calling

The hills are calling me, A voice that echoes, The clear blue sky and the river that flows below, The hills are calling me and I hear so, The winds that make the trees dance, The clouds bowing to the hills what a sight it must be, The hills are calling me come visit, The […]

The Search

She walked the lonely streets, In search of someone she had to meet, A drop of tear on her cheek, Her eyes swollen she hadn’t slept for a week, With no slippers she ran barefoot out the door onto the street, She searched everywhere but couldn’t find the one, She looked at the sky and […]