The Barren Lands

In the desert in the vast sand dunes and empty landscape, With no rain the heat never ceases thereby hurting the feet, For miles and miles nowhere to rest and only warm sandy breeze, Beneath the blazing sun the cactus flowers bloom, The trees are barren, High up in the sky I see hawks circling […]

The Creative Mind

The mind can travel anywhere to any place, Create stories and experience life in a different way, Build over places visited in reality and dreams, Create our own colorful world fill it with imagination and life, Be any season we can create spring, The mystery and the curiosity to venture to the unknown, When imagination […]

The Prayer of a Tree

We were many some years ago, Now we are only a few, Weird sounds huge monsters like, Crossed our path and removed everything in sight, Let us live and let us stay, Our branches represent care and extend and provide shade, In the summer we dry up and wait for the rains, The trunks arching […]

Story of Life

Life ! An ocean of possibilities, A string of relationships, A beautiful confusion to be sorted by decisions, An obstacle crossing course, Life! A desperation to survive for many, A monotonous routine, Life! a Trail of discovery and learning, An unexpected surprise which every now and then arises, Lies to be confronted by truth, To […]

The Brave Soldier

Deep in the trenches he stood with pride, Defending what was his and everyone’s, Brave and ready to take what comes his way, This was no child’s play, It was a war that he had to fight, With enemies at his sight, A matter of life and death, His heart sank seeing those injured or […]

A Maestro

The stage is set, Dressed in a coat, A spot light on the performer, An artistic genius, As though magic in his fingers, The keynotes play on their own, Music that touches the soul, With the first key the crowd cheers, Echoing through out the auditorium, Silence among the crowd engrossed in the sounds, Till […]

The Incomplete…

With thoughts in my head, Words were are at a loss, I begin to write and at some point I stop, How can all my feelings be expressed I thought, The deep feelings sometimes cannot be said or expressed, Instead only felt, The paper scribbled an incomplete sentence, The Ink of the pen smudging as […]

Power of Change

The way we talk, The way we walk, The way we behave, Attitude has its impact everyday, It is not what happens to us, How we react that matters, It depends on how we see our lives, It can be gloomy and dark if we want it to be, Or bright and sunny the choice […]