Let go of the fear that holds you back,

Let go of the tear and replace it with a smile,

Let go of the procrastination and go do it,

Let go of the past not worth pursuing,

Let go of all the hurtful things people said,

Derive strength from your weakness,

Let in only those in your life who are worth your time,

As quoted by Paulo Coelho “Nobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won’t make you cry.”


Called as a wizard, spell caster or a magician,

He creates a stage of illusion,

Audiences are entertained by tricks of the mind,

A dream come true to many,

The magician performs his greatest acts of performance,

Waves his magic wand in the air,

Speaks magic spells and things come out of thin air,

A performance specially crafted,

Drawing the crowd to the elaborate charade,

Though none can see the deception,

Executing the greatest trick up his sleeve,

He captures the audiences with his invisible charm,

Ends with a gentle bow and a standing ovation from the crowd…

The Quietness

Photo by Darius Krause on Pexels.com

A sheet of layer of dust on the tables,

The chairs have not been sat on,

A dingy room and smell of staleness in the air,

The dark corners covered with webs in thick layers,

No one has visited this town,

A deserted look as you enter,

Where are the people gone?

One can hear the silence nevertheless yet so loud….