A Void

A feeling that cannot be explained, Thinking aloud, Trying to see beauty in everything, A quietness so within that silence seems loud, A sadness within that happiness, Emptiness so empty that nothing seems to fill that void…

A Billion Dollar Smile

No matter what life brought them, One thing that they held proudly, Was their billion dollar smile, Priceless but worth much more, Alms help and gifts help them survive, They accepted with a smile on their faces, The smallest to smallest joy was celebrated, Simple things brought them happiness, No money , Nothing could compare, […]

The Fight for Power

In the fight for power they seek, They enjoy see others fall, Cheat and full of deceit, Games that are played, Those who dont deserve prevail, Blindly following the path without questioning, Doing things and following what’s not right, Individual sense of being is lost, Now they follow the crowd, Mediocrity prevails, For power is […]


When time came to a standstill, There was silence everywhere, Streets empty, Absolute isolation, Not a soul to be seen, Survival was tough, Fear had taken over, Four walls were closing in, And stranded with no place to go, When time came to a standstill, No laughter was heard, Playgrounds empty, The whole world came […]

Long Lost

It was a chilly night and covered with mist all the way, She wore a coat and headed down the street, On the way she met a man who was very kind and sweet, Excuse me he said, Where does this road lead? She replied oh I too have lost my way and I am […]