Long Lost

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

It was a chilly night and covered with mist all the way,

She wore a coat and headed down the street,

On the way she met a man who was very kind and sweet,

Excuse me he said,

Where does this road lead?

She replied oh I too have lost my way and I am not sure what to say,

They looked at each other and smiled,

Have I seen you before Sir?

He replied I don’t recall your face,

It’s funny that I feel so,

The man was probably in his middle age,

Where do you want to go, he asked?

She smiled and said I have to reach my home,

He said my home used to be here many years ago,

But now I am not sure where they stay,

She asked, Sir is your family close here?

He replied yes, I lost them years ago,

Oh My! she said I too lost my father ages ago,

I was a small baby and can’t remember his face,

But he left me a bracelet which to remember him by,

The man saw the bracelet and was shocked,

You are my daughter he said,

She was overjoyed,

Oh Father! This is so great,

I was searching for you every single day,

I am glad I found you,

Both of them had so much to say,

They happily made their way down the street,

But this time they were lost together….


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