As the year comes to a close, Look forward to the new year with new hopes, A year with new aspirations and dreams, New ideas to explore, As the year comes to close, Wish away those sorrows, Look at the sun and you can never see the shadows… As this year ends, I want to […]

Follow the Sun

Follow the sun that brings a smile on your face, Follow that light which soothes the mind , Refreshed and a new feeling, The sun signifies truly a new beginning, Follow the sun the bright light, Amidst Darkness creating a hope, You won’t ever lose your way, For the sun is here to stay….

Wild Rose

The wild rose that grows besides the stream, The water that gently flows, Welcoming the blooming of the bud, The wonderful fragrance of freshness, The mesmerizing color, The wildness and the beauty of the rose, Set in between the green deep forests, Growing wild but magnificent, The wild rose brings in the good news of […]

A Contract

Terms unbreakable, A bond so unwillingly false, Tight and close, No room for negotiation, A signature, Desperate times, No choice seems the only choice, Seemed right for future then, Followed by Regret and no way out, A contract a trap, You keep falling only to realize how deep you are in it….