A Second

Opening its arms to take me in, The waves crashing against the rocks, Sun shining bright on my face, As I begin to descend my fall, Standing at the edge of the cliff, My heart races, Palms sweaty I close my eyes and take a deep breathe, This is it , The time has come […]

A Beautiful Feeling

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me, The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed, The sudden chillness of cool air that flows, To the smell of the fresh air I breathe, The fog that settles on that mountain gently, To the call of the birds its time to […]

The Hard Way

A fact but true, Decisions are hard, The hardest are the ones which may have a consequence in the future, The dilemma of taking the right step, One wrong and you are stuck in the rut, There is a lot at stake, Past experience is a learning, But desperation is another ball game, How do […]

Silent Tears

Withholding it not knowing when they would flow, Looks like small drops well settled at the corner of the eye, Waiting to make their way down, Sadness has brought them, Now they refuse to go, No matter how much you control they decide to flow, People say once they flow your heart feels light, But […]

The Call of Nature

Beginning of the day the rooster makes its call, The sun appears slowly from the clouds, It’s the season for the migratory birds who come visit from far, In a line pattern they fly, Sky above so blue and clear, Reflects on the water below , The water flowing gently with a soothing sound, The […]

When they Met

Two strangers met on a starry night on a bridge, Their eyes met it was love at first sight, A gentle smile which took his heart away… Two strangers met on a starry night , A moment of silence where only their eyes spoke, Gentle winds blew across circling them, As though cupid had shot […]


Emptiness and a feeling of belonging nowhere, Trying to find that steady hold on to something, Trying to cope up with things life throws at me, I just seem to be living day by day, Going with the flow as they say, With each passing day as the time passes by, Until one day I […]

The Long Road

A journey planned down the road, The ocean following us side by side, All the laughter and the fun giggles, The noise indoors, The journey together which holds dear, The confusion and chaos of losing our way, Dozens of paper maps and virtual maps at display, That picnic stops for hunger, That brown basket which […]