A Second

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

Opening its arms to take me in,

The waves crashing against the rocks,

Sun shining bright on my face,

As I begin to descend my fall,

Standing at the edge of the cliff,

My heart races, Palms sweaty

I close my eyes and take a deep breathe,

This is it ,

The time has come to overcome the fears,

I count in my mind missing a few numbers in anxiety,

Finally its time I jump,

In mid air I feel free and for a second my heart skips a beat,

The next moment the time moves so fast,

I am in water swimming in the sea,

Making my way to the shore for a gasp of breathe,

I made it and I sigh in relief….

A Beautiful Feeling

Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed,

The sudden chillness of cool air that flows,

To the smell of the fresh air I breathe,

The fog that settles on that mountain gently,

To the call of the birds its time to leave,

The music I hear the dance and tapping of the feet,

The mixing of spices creating an aroma of mystery,

Fragrance of the flowers the wind brings as it passes by,

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

So beautiful and so serene….

Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality,

I express without fear, my silence says it all

I sit silent and hear nothing,

I am far away from the world,

Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say,

There is nothing to explain,

With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey,

I am not weak silence is powerful,

It tells a story not spoken or read ,

It communicates a million things without things being said…

The Hard Way

A fact but true,

Decisions are hard,

The hardest are the ones which may have a consequence in the future,

The dilemma of taking the right step,

One wrong and you are stuck in the rut,

There is a lot at stake,

Past experience is a learning,

But desperation is another ball game,

How do you take decisions,

At the end whatever you do you are at blame,

Decisions of all,

Is a very tricky one,

You never know when you will fall in the pit and may never rise again….

Silent Tears

Photo by Unviajesinmaleta on Pexels.com

Withholding it not knowing when they would flow,

Looks like small drops well settled at the corner of the eye,

Waiting to make their way down,

Sadness has brought them,

Now they refuse to go,

No matter how much you control they decide to flow,

People say once they flow your heart feels light,

But these are tears way old and dry,

Holding them back so long,

Now I have finally decided to let them out and cry….

The Call of Nature

Photo by Michael Block on Pexels.com

Beginning of the day the rooster makes its call,

The sun appears slowly from the clouds,

It’s the season for the migratory birds who come visit from far,

In a line pattern they fly,

Sky above so blue and clear,

Reflects on the water below ,

The water flowing gently with a soothing sound,

The pebbles visible in the clear water,

When felt the water seems so cold and freezing,

The water trickles down from the high mountains,

Mist covers the top,

A cloud sits on it as a crown,

The air so cold and clean,

It is the nature which is so dear,

Without which all of us will fall…

When they Met

Photo by Thau00eds Silva on Pexels.com

Two strangers met on a starry night on a bridge,

Their eyes met it was love at first sight,

A gentle smile which took his heart away…

Two strangers met on a starry night ,

A moment of silence where only their eyes spoke,

Gentle winds blew across circling them,

As though cupid had shot his arrow…

Two strangers met on a starry night,

Finally the first words were spoken,

Which brought them even close,

Looking at the moon shine so bright,

They held hands and the shyness they had , now gone

Here began a new story of two strangers who met,

And who had no idea what was to follow….


Emptiness and a feeling of belonging nowhere,

Trying to find that steady hold on to something,

Trying to cope up with things life throws at me,

I just seem to be living day by day,

Going with the flow as they say,

With each passing day as the time passes by,

Until one day I will realize I haven’t lived my life at all

Time Away#Life

Photo by Khoa Vu00f5 on Pexels.com

The time seems to be ticking away,

Long work hours are here to stay,

Just a moment of silence and a deep breathe,

A feeling of peace and calmness is what I get,

For a minute all stops and halts,

No worries no stress,

Its time to be with myself and do the thing I love,

Away from the hustle and bustle,

Just my space and my time away….