A Walk

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

She went for a long walk,

No destination just across,

Just kept going and going,

Her feet wouldn’t stop,

She went for a long walk,

Her mind full of thoughts,

Worries for what was to come,

Her tomorrow seemed so lost,

There was a sense of fear of the future,

She took a pause from her walk,

Sat on a bench around the corner and gave it a thought

Her mind was not calm she couldn’t think right

A decision could not be taken today,

So she continued her walk in a hope to find a way…

The Above View

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

The blue sky beckons and calls me,

So clear and so beautiful,

The clouds moving along,

A design so beautifully created,

The reflection of the blueness on the water lake below,

The peeping gentle light of the sun rays,

Sun sets away towards the evening,

Making way to the night’s glamorous bright moon…

Battle for Survival

There is a constant need to prove oneself better,

In doing so one forgets the other’s feelings,

Insecurities takes over,

How much would you run behind superficial fame,

What would you do with so much power and name,

The monotonous robotic lives still remain,

Accepting however the society demands you to be,

A constant battle for survival,

Competition to be the best,

In doing so stepping on the rest,

When does one stop to think if this is all worth it,

Only then you realize,

You have only one person to prove that is yourself and no other…

Boat of Dreams

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

A boat of dreams,

Where all your wishes come true,

One wanted to be a pilot,

The other a sailor in blue,

But there was one other who wanted something,

A wish which was asked by none other,

The wish was to be loved by everyone,

The boat rocked from side to side,

This was one wish that he couldn’t do,

The boat gently answered,

“He said love comes from within,

And should be on one’s own if its true,

If one person loves you among the million,

So be it cherish it forever through and through”

The boat said this and sank to the bottom of the ocean,

For his love was waiting at the end….

A Piece of Paper

I love the way the ink feels on me,

The different colors which beautify me,

I reside in a book,

I am always aware of your thoughts,

You are always beside me,

I help you with all your plans,

Bringing it to perfection,

You discard me a number of times,

I am angry with you for doing so,

But you are the only reason I survive,

After all I am just a Piece of Paper….

The Quietness

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Sometimes when things don’t work your way,

When you feel your troubles are just getting over,

More comes your way,

You are tired and exhausted and you try to see the best in every way,

But all seems blank,

You want to believe things will be fine ,

But hope seems to disappear away,

Mind so still,

No thoughts no feelings inside,

It’s so quiet inside that the noise outside cant be heard at all….