A Walk

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

She went for a long walk,

No destination just across,

Just kept going and going,

Her feet wouldn’t stop,

She went for a long walk,

Her mind full of thoughts,

Worries for what was to come,

Her tomorrow seemed so lost,

There was a sense of fear of the future,

She took a pause from her walk,

Sat on a bench around the corner and gave it a thought

Her mind was not calm she couldn’t think right

A decision could not be taken today,

So she continued her walk in a hope to find a way…


2 thoughts on “A Walk

  1. I kinda laughed at this a little, thinking back to a time I went for a walk because everybody was making me crazy. I walked around for an hour or two and came home. Now here is the funny part, I started a new book called “At the end of the Road” and it really had nothing to do with my walk, but it was a catalyst. Basically, it was about a woman that wakes up in the woman’s bathroom on I-5 “walking” South, not knowing who she is or why she wants to go South.

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