True self

She stood still in the moment, The camera captured her as she smiled, At the corner of her eye was a tear waiting to come by, The clicking sound started to hurt even more, Someone who she isn’t she had to portray to the world outside, She had to show she was strong and bold, […]


I lay below the starry night sky, Hoping to get a glimpse of your face , One star stands out from the others, It reminds me of you, I wonder if you can see it too? It tells a story of us, Of how, We are far apart but yet much so closer than ever…

The Wait is Over

When the week comes to an end, You stretch your arms towards the sky, A deep breathe of relief, Your time of relaxation and rejuvenation, The weekend is finally here to enjoy, You have the whole day to yourself, To do what you like, Until the next week starts, And you get back to routine, […]

Remember When I am Gone

Remember those memories we created, Those laughs and smiles we shared, The long journeys we took together, Holding hands on a beach and the water coming by and touching our feet, That piece of cake we shared, The celebrations with our families, Remember when I am gone, We have faced so much together, We were […]

Unveiled Words…

Sometimes I am in loss of words to write, My imagination takes me away far, I bring myself back to the present, Other times it goes blank and there is nothing to be written, Expression of thoughts is not easy, Drawing that mental picture, Watching that beautifully turn into words, Then comes the excitement when […]