As my mind relaxes I hear a song, I am in a phase of total solitude, Calmness sets in rhythms unheard of, Light waves of strings playing all through, Tuning my mind to these vibrations, I take in the energy the sounds bring to me….

The Spirit of Music

Every key holds the melody, There was magic in his hands and the music played along, Mesmerizing sounds, Pin drop silence among the crowd, I lose myself in the music spirit, Staring into nothingness, Body sinks into the ocean of melody, A sense of relaxation, Soothing thoughts, A different world comes alive and I sink […]

The Sound

Calm and soothing to the ears, The music which I hear, A rhythm and a tone that catches on, A melody or a song, Dancing to the beat, And tapping my feet, My ears feel the sound, I enjoy drowning myself in the sound of bliss…

Trust Forever

The very first step to every relationship, Once broken cannot be mended, Built over time, Earned not given, “Trust” a deep word with a deep meaning, So important to feel it within, The connect and the bond becomes strong, In difficult times it is the trust that says hold on, That someone who comes to […]

On the Road

Was walking on a straight road, Met a stranger a very fun fellow, We spoke for hours and then went our way, Was walking on a straight road, A flock of sheep came my way, A shepherd who had many stories to tell, We spent a long time sharing stories and became friends, Was walking […]