Forgiveness is a decision of the heart, It is a tough one but a kind one to start, Mind contemplates these decisions, But it’s about being positive, Removing any negative inhibitions, Anger and grief come along, Someone hurts you badly that you fall down, But its all about rising and letting it out, Pain and […]

Life’s Truth

There are times in life when you feel completely lost, You don’t know which direction to take, There is no sign board to guide you through this road, Goals seem far away to achieve, You are trying your best to go on anyway, Hoping there is some light somewhere, People don’t make it easy for […]

The Chimes

Everytime the wind blew, The warm breeze whispered through the chimes, Colorful and blue, Twisted everytime it moved, One could see the beautiful designs on it too, The striking of the chimes, Left a series of melodious sounds, A morning wake up with the rising sun, A relaxing and calming sound, Oh what a beautiful […]

Long Time

Its been so long since I wrote my lines, Time flew and my mind was occupied, Now my thoughts are difficult to find, But I am glad to be back and it’s me again, This is me who I am and this is exactly where I want to be..


The sun has set, In a few hours I will have to hit the bed, But my thoughts continue, Not allowing me to sleep, I want to unwind and relax, I read a book, But the story excites me and I am awake again, I listen to songs which I like, But the energy keeps […]