Magical Moments

Sing a song which expresses your joy, Dance to the tune of it, Sing a song that gives you a reason to smile, Let go of your fears, Be in the moment, Sparkle the inner happiness, Feel the rhythm get to you, The passion to dance, Let your feet do the rest, Filling the room […]

The Winds I hear you !!

Owe it to the wind to bring in some good news, The smell of the flowers to the ocean breeze, The fluttering and dancing of the trees, The sound of children playing in the fields, To the shiny sparkling water of the reflection of oneself is seen, Owe it to the wind passing by, Words […]


Deep within the search begins for peace and quiet, The mind makes noise forbidding the clarity of thought, Deep inside when fears become reality, And the mask you wear falls off, Your emotions are seen by everyone, But felt only by those few, Within those feelings of uncertainty, Comes a feeling of hope, Opening the […]

Wise Choices

When do we listen to what others say, How much of it do we listen and how much to throw away, What to keep and what will stay, It is after all our decision at the end of the day, Many such advices come your way, You just need to choose the right ones, And […]


I felt the ground beneath my feet, I was not ready for defeat, Looked up ready to go, Anxious and waiting, There it began the mega race , Slowly my feet picked up pace, I made my way to the first in line, I was in my lane, We were done with the laps, Now […]