The Bridge

The cracks spoke a story, Ancient and old, The bridge that was used to cross by many, Was now standing alone, The voyages and the path, Travelled by those few, The visitors admiring the splendid view, The river that flow beneath once had boats passing by, For trade and survival this was the only means […]

The View

Enjoying the sunset and the morning sunrise from afar, A vast open field with tall grass, So green and lush, A shepherd tending to the sheep, Crossing and making their way across, As the sun starts to set the orange tint falls over the flowers, Slowly everything comes to a stop…

Power of Silence

The quiet stillness of reality, I express without fear, my silence says it all I sit silent and hear nothing, I am far away from the world, Yet sometimes silence is stronger than words they say, There is nothing to explain, With my silence you can hear the thoughts I wish to convey, I am […]