Random Thoughts

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“Beyond the four walls lies a new world yet to be discovered”

“This is no time to complain but to move on ahead and take what comes one’s way”

“Laughter is the medicine to all sadness”

“Paintings are the vision of an artist”

“Dreams are your world and your space only”

“A child’s innocence is like a delicate petal on a flower”

“To fit in to the crowd people do anything but when will they realize that they are unique and have to stand out and not follow those who are blind folded”

“Ego is so strong in some people that they build castles of their own and forget the reality they live in”

“You can be a good human being, a good person but will others respect you and be a good human being too”?

“Doubts and uncertainty are the enemies to progress”

“Keep calm and have patience and everything will work out just fine”

“Our struggles seem petty when compared to some other’s sorrows”

“Life continues to throw surprises and we continue to cross over them”

“A smile is so infectious once caught will stay for a long time”

“Sometimes mind gets muddled with so many thoughts that you forget to listen to the most important ones”

“You live only once make the best use of it”

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“The sound relaxes the mind and we fall deeper into the rhythm”

“Music brings in positive energy and enjoyment worth your while”

“Music makes you want to dance till tiredness takes over”

“Music is the beat our heart sings”

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“Sometimes it is better to ignore certain things or certain people to avoid unnecessary uncomfortable situations “

“Sometimes you know exactly what is happening but behave as though you know nothing”

“Life tests you in such weird ways but it’s the path we take decides the next outcome”

We get hurt and feel the anger within us, But sometimes its better to let go of this anger within for our own well being”

“Nothing seems to feel right now but there is always a hope of a new change that keeps us going”

No one can make you feel low about yourself but you yourself”

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“Writing ideas and thoughts help clear the mind and brings out the creativity in us”

“True happiness is not achieved by having material things but in treasuring every moment and capturing it with those close to our heart which is priceless”

“Loneliness and depression is the dark shadow that traps us but it is we who need to see the light and wake up”

“No matter how much you try the goal seems moving further away”

“There is something beyond commitment and hard-work may be a stroke of luck”

“So many things to do we have time but yet we complain we don’t have any”

“An idea remains a thought till put into action”

“Problems and situations arise out of the blue, stand and hold your ground, this time should also pass”

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