Step by Step

When there is a goal to achieve,

The vision is clear,

Step by Step momentum is gained,

You make a sudden fall,

You retrace back those steps,

Change paths and get up and go.


Dream On….

It started with dreaming of butterflies, rainbows and candies,

Then it moved to more things like cycle, the fair, the merry-go rounds and the coasters,

Then it started to feel odd to go to those places,

Friends became closer and hours were spent with them,

Selfies being clicked everywhere,

Then there was that anxiety to go to college,

Dreams of being the most popular one,

Trying to fit in with those ,

Then came those difficult to crack interviews,

Many hours of mock practice interviews,

The dream of getting a good job and becoming independent,

Our dreams have changed as we moved from every stage,

But our will power has remained the same

A New Self

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Her instincts told her she was right,

Had she listened to others she would have lost her path,

But she stuck to it till the end,

It was her life and her decision,

She had to do what she had to do,

She stepped out in the open,

Freedom was just a step away,

She broke from the chains of misery,

And life was welcoming her with open arms,

She had risen above,

Her ambitions and desires were to come true,

A “New Self” was born…..