Forgiveness is a decision of the heart,

It is a tough one but a kind one to start,

Mind contemplates these decisions,

But it’s about being positive,

Removing any negative inhibitions,

Anger and grief come along,

Someone hurts you badly that you fall down,

But its all about rising and letting it out,

Pain and sorrow are the feelings that arise now,

But you gotta keep going and remember,

“Sometimes in life you gotta be the bigger person and forgive even those who don’t deserve it and let it pass”


Who Am I?

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“Sometimes in life we don’t know who we are or what we have become”

Anger makes you do strange things,

You say a million harsh words only then to repent,

You are not purposely mean but at that moment you are not sane either,

Your bottled up emotions go out of place,

You end up hurting people and guilt takes over the space,

None of us like what happens to us when anger shows up,

But sometimes it is good to vent it out,

Maybe channel that energy into a different space….


When the mind wanders it takes me to a different world where time comes to a still,

The mind when troubled with many thoughts is like the ocean in a storm,

When calm its like the wind that blows gently all around,

When excitement follows its like the flowers rejoice the return of spring,

Mind in anger is like a hurricane waiting for thunderstorms,

When sad and lonely wandering mind has its own wings,

The mind wanders aimlessly disconnected from everyone, everything and far from home…

Tears of Pain

Drops of tears falling down the cheek,

What caused this pain one may not speak,

Cleansing the wounds of the troubled,

These tears don’t make you weak,

It gives you the strength that you need,

Tears of past or present pain,

Tears of anger and hate, Heart filled with sadness

Lonely you cry and feel away,

World does not seem to understand your pain,

It is difficult to stop you now,

You fight alone to this day,

No shoulder to cry on, or to make you feel at bay,

How do i make you go away?

You have decided to stay,

A smile is just what you need to make those tears go away,

You are difficult to explain but yet you make me feel light once you come away,

Oh stop now ! I have to overcome the pain and move on with my life again…