The Message at Sea

A bottle came drifting to the shore, and was picked up by one of the passersby,

It had a letter in it and the paper looked old and dry,

Across the sea it came by,

The paper had a drawing of a map and “Help” was written on the side,

One wondered how long has it taken for the letter to reach nearby,

The drawing had a smudgy and distorted view it was difficult to get through,

But they continued to explore and make sense of the drawing that had come by,

On the other side,

I was waiting to be rescued, filled with many hopes and desires,

Too many days have gone by I wait in vain and hope someone comes by,

I had sent the bottle with the message tossed out to the sea,

The letter will travel through raging waves and pass my message,

I looked at the sea and suddenly saw a boat nearby,

I felt a sigh of relief,

My message had finally got by,

I waited as it came close by , i jumped with excitement and couldn’t wait to leave this place,

I got into the boat and was full of joy,

As we got closer to the shore i was glad that home was nearby,

I couldn’t wait to tell them my story of how the message in the bottle had saved my life….