The Brave Soldier

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Deep in the trenches he stood with pride,

Defending what was his and everyone’s,

Brave and ready to take what comes his way,

This was no child’s play,

It was a war that he had to fight,

With enemies at his sight,

A matter of life and death,

His heart sank seeing those injured or dead,

A photo of his family by his side,

He fought bravely till the end,

Saved many lives,

He is a hero that we salute,

He is the reason that we all now survive….


A Hero

A hero is admired for courage or noble acts,

Admired for brave deeds,

Who by their strength or their wiles overcome almost impossible obstacles,

A hero can be a soldier fighting at a war,

Can be a doctor, or a policeman, a fireman saving many lives,

It can be you and me who helps a person in need,

A hero can be a teacher who inspires others to achieve great things,

A helper a friend gives all their might,

Goes out of the way and risks their lives,

A hero can be someone you admire greatly,

They maybe young or old ,

Age doesn’t matter,

Not a superman with special powers,

A hero’s power begins from within….

Hi All,

A dedication to all those serving in the front line and risking their lives everyday.


The knight with his shining armor,

Born of the nobility and trained to fight,

Rode a long way in search of his bride,

His bravery was the talk of the town,

His achievements were many that he wouldn’t gloat,

Simple man leading a simple life,

He was a brave man who helped many,

Riding across valleys and hills he must meet his final task,

To impress and win over his bride,

She had a beauty that shined so bright,

The entire land would glow in her light,

The knight was happy to meet his match,

He won her heart many times,

The knight rejoiced for it was the happiest day of his life,

For having found his soulmate by his side until eternity….