When they Met

Photo by Thau00eds Silva on Pexels.com

Two strangers met on a starry night on a bridge,

Their eyes met it was love at first sight,

A gentle smile which took his heart away…

Two strangers met on a starry night ,

A moment of silence where only their eyes spoke,

Gentle winds blew across circling them,

As though cupid had shot his arrow…

Two strangers met on a starry night,

Finally the first words were spoken,

Which brought them even close,

Looking at the moon shine so bright,

They held hands and the shyness they had , now gone

Here began a new story of two strangers who met,

And who had no idea what was to follow….


Across the Bridge

Photo by Sven Huls on Pexels.com

A long bridge across the river,

Which connects many people across,

Built strong and sturdy,

It has witnessed a lot,

An old bridge built centuries ago,

It has stories deep within,

Stories of survival,

It has seen many generations go by,

Calamities seen through the eyes,

But it still stands strong what come may,

The strong foundation lays deep at the bottom,

But nothing can shake it now,

It stands with pride and Welcomes all….