Lucky Stars

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The luck she thought she never had,

As she saw others go by,

And she stood in the same place and wondered why?

What was different about them,

Why did they deserve what they got,

When she never saw them even try,

She thought she had no luck at all,

For she tried and tried,

But her hard work never seem to be recognized,

She finally decided to let go,

For she knew where her true passion was,

She knew she was special in her own way,

And she was respected in the world outside,

She continues to reach for the stars as her happiness multiplies…..


Second Chance

Through and Through I thought,

Should I or Should I not?

This decision was hard to take,

Past had taught lessons I couldn’t put away,

But still I thought why not?

Will it be as bad as the last time ?

Or will this be a fresh start,

I wasn’t sure anyway,

For this is the risk I would need to take,

Maybe this time I am more cautious and prepared,

I would know how to handle things in a better way,

Maybe just Maybe, this second chance will prove to be a winner after all today….