Power of Change

Photo by Jansel Ferma on Pexels.com

The way we talk,

The way we walk,

The way we behave,

Attitude has its impact everyday,

It is not what happens to us,

How we react that matters,

It depends on how we see our lives,

It can be gloomy and dark if we want it to be,

Or bright and sunny the choice is ours,

It is a make or a break situation,

It can ruin relationships or get us closer,

But we have to embrace the attitude for that day,

We cannot change how others behave,

But we have the power to take control of our day everyday…



Photo by Ian Panelo on Pexels.com

What makes people behave in a certain way,

The attention seekers,

The go getters,

The power seekers,

The blind followers,

You change to blend in,

You change to be a better human,

But always remember you change for yourself and not because others said so…

The New Normal

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

From the sound of voices at home,

To the sound of tapping keys,

Faces of people on the screen,

To virtual meetings from around the world,

Greeting each other virtually,

Celebrating occasions virtually,

Having a cup of tea virtually,

Chatting with family and friends virtually,

Discussing a recipe virtually,

A new world begins,

We are now in a virtual world,

Welcome to the “New Normal” where human touch is replaced by a machine….