The Lonely Child

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Her clothes were untidy,

Her cheeks had black blush on them,

She looked up and smiled but had a slight drop of tear in her eye,

No food, No where to sleep she says,

No where to go,

Her hands were overworked and there was no glow,

She wandered the streets all alone,

For there was no sight of relief or home,

Tyre’s and bags were her toys,

Bricks and stones were her life,

Her feet was bare with no shoes to protect,

She had no money to buy,

But still she laughed and smiled ,

She had nothing in life but still she had it all…..


The Image

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The young girl smiled looking at herself in the mirror,

She went back and forth wondering how can the other one look so similar,

Shy and innocent she played with her image by actions,

Her opposite image would mimic her,

She would laugh and smile in excitement,

She wore a crown and a pretty dress,

She was the princess one time,

The other time a warrior fighting in a battle,

She was cooking at her toy kitchen one time,

The other time she would show her doll to her reflection,

So innocent and playful was she,

She would turn towards the mirror and sleep at night…

Take me Home

Tears have run dry,

Hopes remain hopes,

Sitting at the window watching the passerby,

My heart aches and pain has become increasingly high,

So many years have passed,

My ears still await the good news,

A new home for me where I can finally belong,

Parents who care for me,

I will finally know what love means,

What family means,

My heart cries out,

I am in the four walls,

I had lovely brothers and sisters,

But now they are gone and are happy,

Their lives are fulfilled,

But I am alone now,

I will be a good child I promise,

But please give me a try,

For my luck has run dry….

The Pain of Loss

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A cloud of sadness surrounds her,

With drops of tears trickling down her cheek,

Her eyes swollen for not having slept,

She mourns the loss of her child,

A child connected with her whose presence she felt,

The bond till birth and beyond was broken,

A chord of invisibility within her which was a strong bond of love,

She couldn’t bear the pain and agony,

For she would have cared for the child like none other,

The child was gone she felt helpless and alone,

Now she finds it difficult to survive on her own…