The Child In Me

The child in me would love to catch butterflies and set it free,

The child in me would love to eat chocolates and something sweet,

The child in me would get excited visiting a toy store,

Would be innocent and sweet,

No stress and nothing to worry,

The child in me would burst with laughter and laugh wholeheartedly,

The child in me would feel shy and blush with rosy cheeks,

As I grow old the child in me would love to do crazy things,

Enjoying every bit of life as it has to be…..


Changing Times

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When I sit to gather my thoughts,

Some distractions block my thoughts,

The phone rings continuously,

Remembering those childhood days,

When a rock was my playing space,

No technology just simple play,

Getting hands dirty in the mud,

Playing outside all day,

But now things have changed,

Children play indoors with their phones,

Tablets with various games,

The childhood memories will always stay with me,

I wonder what the next generation will say,

Will they will have any memories to share…

Past Memories

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I turn those pages which hold your memories,

The album is weathered and old,

Page by Page I feel your presence,

Which remind me of our time together,

Our laughter and the silly things we would do,

As children the mischief we would get through,

The swing I would sit on and you would push me,

The tree house that we built together,

Promised to move in there when we get old,

You would share your chocolate with me,

I would let you comb my dolls hair,

I would cook for you and we would have tea,

Those were those days which now remain a memory….

Those Days Of Fun

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I remember those days,

The excitement the wait,

To spend a day at an amusement park,

The joy rides, the Ferris wheel and the train,

Screaming loud scared and afraid,

Sounds and music and flashing lights,

Pedals and buttons,

The coin operated amusement rides,

To the merry-go-rounds and the bumping cars,

The taste of the cotton candy to the saltiness of the popcorn,

Pony rides and horse rides,

To the dangerous roller coasters,

The enjoyment and the laughter,

The innocence of a child,

If I could go back in time would relive it all over again….