The Pink Blush

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A Peek of those rosy cheeks,

A prick a second of pain,

Dancing and Fluttering in the wind,

Shadows disappearing to the bright sight of you,

Your beauty enhanced, smell so fresh so divine,

Soft touch and vibrant color,

What a beautiful sight you are….

Paint your Imagination

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Paint a picture in your mind,

A stroke of paint with your brush,

Start with a curved line,

A mix of colors to make it more vibrant,

Plant your next stroke with the brush,

Use your imagination to take that final stroke,

And Voila! you have a master piece……

Dancing in the Wind

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The flowers whispered to each other,

The sun gleamed on them as they rejoiced,

White, yellow, red, bright in the light,

The rhythms and the sync across as they danced,

The green grass decorated with vibrant colors,

The different colors became more prominent capturing the different shades,

As they fluttered and danced in the wind…

Burst of Flavors

The bitter sourness of the lemon hits you as you taste,

To the sweetness of that oozing chocolate sauce with nuts and ice-cream,

Melted to create that awesome taste,

The spiciness of a chilli burning up your mouth,

That hot sauce that mixes to create that smoke,

To the tanginess of the tamarind,

The aroma of all the mixes mixed well,

The pungent smell of the onion,

The tears that come with it,

The melted cheese making its way out of the patty,

The gigantic burger which doesn’t fit anymore in your tummy,

The coolness of the cucumber and mint,

The taste of all these amazing flavors,

Gives a burst to all the colors and flavors of life….


Beautiful and magnificent,

A figment of my imagination,

I Paint a picture,

Using gentle brush strokes on my canvas,

Making different patterns with different colors fresh and vibrant,

Excited to see the way different colors blend,

Capturing the brightness of the sun,

Clouds overcasting mountains,

Beauty of the sky in light blue,

I capture the vision of the painting in words bringing my imagination to life…..