Rhythms of Sound

Moving to a musical rhythm,

I tap my feet striking the floor,

The sound of the shoe a metal tap on the heel and toe,

Smoothly moving across the dance floor,

Sound of the sliding feet,

I feel the rhythm in my mind,

The sounds get louder and i get immersed in it,

Tap, Tap, Tap my feet are faster now,

I am high with energy,

My heart races with every beat,

I am in a different pace now,

The audience claps are clearer now and get louder,

I dance my way across the stage,

From away I hear my name called to me,

I open my eyes and realize I had gone nowhere and it was just a dream …..


Power of Music

Makes you feel happy even when you are sad,

Your best-friend when in need, sounds that calm the mind

Suited for all changes of mood, Various forms and various styles

Make it your hobby, or listen for pleasure

the music takes you to a different world, just like reading makes you feel fulfilled

Its always music to the ears when in stress, calms you down when in anger

Listen to it while meditating , some have a meaning some for fun

Music is like waves of sounds like flowers dancing in the wind

Power of music is incredible isn’t it ?