The Barren Lands

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In the desert in the vast sand dunes and empty landscape,

With no rain the heat never ceases thereby hurting the feet,

For miles and miles nowhere to rest and only warm sandy breeze,

Beneath the blazing sun the cactus flowers bloom,

The trees are barren,

High up in the sky I see hawks circling nearby,

Trying to find my way through with no water and no food,

Long barren stretches all the way with no sign of any life,

Lost in a desert I see a tree is on the bank of a pond of water,

I quickly run towards it but it seems to be moving further away,

Then I realize it is a mirage that I see on this warm sunny day,

Sand storms begin to arise,

As a steady wind begins to blow,

Fine sand lying on the ground begin to vibrate,

Unable to take the heat anymore I fall down and faint,

When I wake up,

I find myself in an old run-down place,

I open my eyes and thank my stars for being safe,

And decide to never get lost in the barren lands again.


Desert Beast

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Carrying huge burden,

He lifts up his load with ease,

Crossing the vast desert land,

Traveling long journeys without water to drink,

Through the intense heat you never fall,

You give me a sense of comfort,

Without you I wont survive the harsh lands,

Your skin golden as the desert sands,

When you tire you stop under the shade of the trees,

Feeding on plants and desert leaves,

Sand dunes don’t stop you,

You go on and strive,

Oh, mighty one that’s why you are called the “ship of the desert”

All hail! Its the desert beast..

The Cowboy

A cowboy on a horseback,

Rode in the scorching sun dressed with hat and boots,

Along he rode to the desolate landscape of deserts and mountains in search of his family roots,

He crossed ranches, small towns and wilderness only to reach a small gap in the mountain,

For he believed this was the place his ancestors lived and stayed,

He got down from the horse and made his way,

As he entered the deep cave he lit a fire with his lighter so he could see ahead,

He found a small pond of water in between and sat down rested,

He could hear some sounds coming from a distance away,

Those were familiar songs he knew he said,

Sung by his ancestors in special occasions they say,

He remembers the wordings and smiles away,

Closer to the place he makes his way,

Strange people sitting around a fire and children play,

He thinks is this my family?

I am unknown to them but yet they stare at me,

Do they recognize the similarity?

They greeted and welcomed him to stay,

He heard stories from the elders of their journey there,

The next day he left back to his ranch with good memories that will stay with him forever…