A Dream of Tomorrow

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

“I close my eyes and dream away,

For the day to come when I can walk out those closed doors,

Out of the four walls,

Feel the grass under my feet,

And breathe the fresh air that I seek,

Where everything is back to normal,

And forever to stay “


Rhythms of Sound

Moving to a musical rhythm,

I tap my feet striking the floor,

The sound of the shoe a metal tap on the heel and toe,

Smoothly moving across the dance floor,

Sound of the sliding feet,

I feel the rhythm in my mind,

The sounds get louder and i get immersed in it,

Tap, Tap, Tap my feet are faster now,

I am high with energy,

My heart races with every beat,

I am in a different pace now,

The audience claps are clearer now and get louder,

I dance my way across the stage,

From away I hear my name called to me,

I open my eyes and realize I had gone nowhere and it was just a dream …..

lost alone

I am lost my feet feels tired and are giving up on me,

The woods are dark and deep and I continue running,

Not looking back or stopping to rest my feet,

I tremble with fear,

Its lonely and one can hear weird sounds all around,

Huge spiders climbing out of the ground,

As I move ahead with caution I realize I am stuck in a huge web,

The spiders move towards me posing a threat,

I freeze and cannot move,

Scared and terrified I scream,

Only to wake up and realize it was a bad dream,

I take a deep breathe of sigh and relief….





It’s going to happen no matter what you do,

your future or the per-ordained path of your life,

Destiny is what happens when you commit to growing, learning and taking those chances

You are destined for greatness through your active decisions,

We hold our destiny in ourselves,

Destined to dream and achieve greatness,

A matter of choice to be achieved,

It shows the path it is we who need to find the right way,

Destiny is you and what you make of it and no one else can make it for you…