Boat of Dreams

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A boat of dreams,

Where all your wishes come true,

One wanted to be a pilot,

The other a sailor in blue,

But there was one other who wanted something,

A wish which was asked by none other,

The wish was to be loved by everyone,

The boat rocked from side to side,

This was one wish that he couldn’t do,

The boat gently answered,

“He said love comes from within,

And should be on one’s own if its true,

If one person loves you among the million,

So be it cherish it forever through and through”

The boat said this and sank to the bottom of the ocean,

For his love was waiting at the end….


The Creative Mind

The mind can travel anywhere to any place,

Create stories and experience life in a different way,

Build over places visited in reality and dreams,

Create our own colorful world fill it with imagination and life,

Be any season we can create spring,

The mystery and the curiosity to venture to the unknown,

When imagination and creativity get together a writer is born..

Dream On….

It started with dreaming of butterflies, rainbows and candies,

Then it moved to more things like cycle, the fair, the merry-go rounds and the coasters,

Then it started to feel odd to go to those places,

Friends became closer and hours were spent with them,

Selfies being clicked everywhere,

Then there was that anxiety to go to college,

Dreams of being the most popular one,

Trying to fit in with those ,

Then came those difficult to crack interviews,

Many hours of mock practice interviews,

The dream of getting a good job and becoming independent,

Our dreams have changed as we moved from every stage,

But our will power has remained the same

Memory Loop

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In my dream,

I am in my memories,

I visit the old house which once had people living,

Dust gathered on the shelves,

Smell of old withered wood,

Few books whose pages smell of black print and wetness,

The fire place has sand around it,

I pick up some sand and it gently escapes through my fingers,

I make my way upstairs to the attic,

Dark and dingy,

Webs of silky threads like,

Spiders crawling,

An old photo frame covered with dust,

As I make my way to the window,

I am pulled back,

To the main hall below,

I had visited earlier,

I begin from the start again,

I seem to be slipping away in a loop back to the same moment again and again….

Ladder to the Sky

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I want to build a ladder to the sky,

I want to see the whole world from up there,

Tiny below well-lit at night,

I want to float on the clouds,

The blueness of the sky and the ocean,

The sun and me having a long chat,

Giggling and laughing our hearts out,

In the night the moon would give me company,

We would have dinner together in moon light,

The soft clouds would be my bed on which I lay,

The birds flying would come and whisper on the way,

When its time to rain I can see droplets and all green below,

When it’s spring I can see beautiful blossoms of flowers,

The sky would change into whatever color I want,

The sky and me would be like two friends sharing our stories…

Go Dream

Dream of a dream that fills your heart with joy,

No expectations or failures to make you cry,

One dream that is for you and only yours to be,

You play all the characters and build a story,

One where your wishes come true and nothing to regret for,

You go on and build the dream where you can be whoever you want to be,

You climb the mountains or trees, cross over many seas

Be the stars, the sun or the moon in the sky,

Be a bird ready to fly,

The dream is your own space to be…

Bring back the Light

Things don’t come easily but with hard work and consistency it pays off over time,

Confused over the path we choose, we doubt ourselves if we made the right decision,

At times things don’t go our way and we feel low,

Anxiety takes over and we cant think clearly,

Hoping the days ahead would bring by something to look forward to,

Belief in one’s self and our goals with the never give up attitude can bring back some light back into our lives…

Truth Above All

Their Dreams are unfulfilled , their failure is a success for some,

Others put them down with no hesitation, selfishness and greed takes over kindness,

Power takes the highest role, simplicity is no where to be found,

Their struggles never seem to end for them truth holds the highest key,

Mediocrity is saluted, they have no say and yet they dare to dream in this world,

They want to achieve great heights but obstacles lie,

No one seems to understand them, yet their strength never dies

They realize they are very few like them who are still very kind and still believe in the truth,

So, they keep going and that makes the difference…

The Stormy Sea

The boat was sailing at sea when the gusts of wind came howling at me,

Waves were twisting and turning and storm began to grow,

The boat shook from side to side, people were scared to be thrown,

Screams could be heard, the captain was trying to keep everyone calm,

Thunder and lightening were on the dark seas,

The light of the lightening was the only light that could be seen,

We were far away from the main land, no island and nothing in between,

Oh let this stormy night pass, for people were getting sick at sea

Then suddenly i heard a voice waking me up in between,

It was morning and a beautiful day i took a deep breathe and realized it was all just a dream…