Story of Life

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Life ! An ocean of possibilities,

A string of relationships,

A beautiful confusion to be sorted by decisions,

An obstacle crossing course,

Life! A desperation to survive for many,

A monotonous routine,

Life! a Trail of discovery and learning,

An unexpected surprise which every now and then arises,

Lies to be confronted by truth,

To some it is the thirst for power and greed,

Life! A combination of all the emotions put into an individual’s story……


Who Am I?

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“Sometimes in life we don’t know who we are or what we have become”

Anger makes you do strange things,

You say a million harsh words only then to repent,

You are not purposely mean but at that moment you are not sane either,

Your bottled up emotions go out of place,

You end up hurting people and guilt takes over the space,

None of us like what happens to us when anger shows up,

But sometimes it is good to vent it out,

Maybe channel that energy into a different space….