The Sound

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Calm and soothing to the ears,

The music which I hear,

A rhythm and a tone that catches on,

A melody or a song,

Dancing to the beat,

And tapping my feet,

My ears feel the sound,

I enjoy drowning myself in the sound of bliss…


The Memory

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There is an image in my head of the travels I made,

Which shouldn’t have come to an end,

There is an image in my head of my favorites ones I visited,

A memory still so fresh,

There is an image of the village I visited,

The country life I enjoyed,

The beautiful nature and spaces,

That calmness that comes by,

There is an image in my head of the river that flows and the sound which is a feeling one cannot deny,

The ever so long journeys on the road,

The pictures the scenic view that one enjoys,

The people we connect and meet and the learning experiences,

Definitely something worthwhile…

Feelings Say it All…

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When you sense joy and happiness,

When sadness is on board,

The best way of expression though, are the feelings we endure,

From the loud sound of laughter to the silence that flows,

Smell of the fragrance of flowers to the winds that blow,

The sense of excitement overflows,

Sometimes anxiety comes in though,

Feelings of achievement and success,

Feelings of fear and failure,

We sense different feelings at different times,

When we run fast,

The thrill of our heart beating faster,

Our pulse stronger and becomes low as we go slow,

Feeling of touch and smell to the sight of the morning glow,

Feelings are very important as its the only way we can show…

The Cave

It was a beautiful sunny morning with a cup of coffee in my hand,

I heard a sound at my door it was the post man ,

It was a letter from my friend who wanted to trek nearby,

I agreed and asked all of them to come by,

The day finally came when we started our trek,

We went deep into the forest and followed a path,

After many hours of trekking we realized it was getting dark ,

As we made our way back we saw a huge line of bats,

It was a cave we decided to rest for the night,

The cave was dark we used our lights to brighten the place,

As we all started sharing our stories of our adventures,

we realized one of them had gone missing or might have ventured ,

As we began to search we went deeper into the cave, we could hear water nearby

and decided to drink some as the water we had got had run dry,

We found the missing friend, She showed us a way which exited the cave,

We followed her till we reached a place which had writings and drawings of an ancient place,

It was majestic and artistic we began to see each one closely ,

Before we knew it , it was the next day

the sun was shining and it was time for us to go away…

The Golden Keys

A small girl was playing in the garden when she came across an unusual key,

It had some writings on it and seemed pretty old to see,

She wondered what opens with the key,

On the way back home she found another key she picked up that one too and continued to make her way through,

After sometime she saw a very bright light at a distance,

With all alacrity she walked towards it, she crossed over hills

until she came to a tree where the light was coming from,

She looked around to see what was causing the bright light

From the top of the tree fell another key,

She picked up the key and now had three keys,

This key had a map like drawing on it, she went to meet a lady with the 3 keys in hand,

The lady was reading a book when the girl showed her the keys,

Looks like it was a key that leads to somewhere which was never seen,

The lady agreed to help the girl to find the origin of the key,

They set across the valleys and O’er hills and reached the place finally,

They saw a cottage covered with beautiful flowers and trees,

the girl was excited and could see a door which required a key,

She went and opened the door with the first key,

Inside she found an old box which was opened with the second key,

In the box she found a book to read and had some pictures of the girl and the lady together,

the girl was shocked and was wondering what had happened,

the lady opened another box with the third key, in the box was a beautiful dress for the girl to wear,

The girl got tears in her eyes as she realized it was the lady who gave her a birthday surprise,

She cried and hugged the lady and said she will always remember this day forever..

Power of Music

Makes you feel happy even when you are sad,

Your best-friend when in need, sounds that calm the mind

Suited for all changes of mood, Various forms and various styles

Make it your hobby, or listen for pleasure

the music takes you to a different world, just like reading makes you feel fulfilled

Its always music to the ears when in stress, calms you down when in anger

Listen to it while meditating , some have a meaning some for fun

Music is like waves of sounds like flowers dancing in the wind

Power of music is incredible isn’t it ?