The Wait is Over

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Her feet ran as fast as they could,

They picked up speed and pace,

The sun felt brighter today,

The birds sang to her,

The winds greeted her on the way ,

It was the day she waited for,

Which had finally come,

The day she would reunite with her soul mate….


Those Days Of Fun

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

I remember those days,

The excitement the wait,

To spend a day at an amusement park,

The joy rides, the Ferris wheel and the train,

Screaming loud scared and afraid,

Sounds and music and flashing lights,

Pedals and buttons,

The coin operated amusement rides,

To the merry-go-rounds and the bumping cars,

The taste of the cotton candy to the saltiness of the popcorn,

Pony rides and horse rides,

To the dangerous roller coasters,

The enjoyment and the laughter,

The innocence of a child,

If I could go back in time would relive it all over again….