The Incomplete…

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With thoughts in my head,

Words were are at a loss,

I begin to write and at some point I stop,

How can all my feelings be expressed I thought,

The deep feelings sometimes cannot be said or expressed,

Instead only felt,

The paper scribbled an incomplete sentence,

The Ink of the pen smudging as lines,

I continue writing but now it doesn’t make any sense,

What I want to say and express,

Is no longer in a clear frame….



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From the moment you are born,

The circle of life begins its rounds,

From the time you learn to walk,

To the time you learn to talk,

The first time you ride a bike,

To the first day at your school,

You are taught values and gratitude,

A certain behavior is expected of you,

From there you begin your teen years your way of life changes,

You enjoy every moment of this time,

Responsibility takes over and you start your first day at a job,

From there on its time to get settled,

Your children grow and have their own,

You grow old and enjoy peace and tranquillity on your own,

This is the circle of life till the last day you survive…


Wisdom is to realize what is of value in life,

It is knowing what is true or right,

The ability to use your knowledge and experience,

Make informed decisions and judgements,

knowledge is a tool,

An understanding through experience or education,

By perceiving, discovering and learning,

“Poetry is wisdom it always has a meaning and a lesson to be learnt and read”