Long Lost

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

It was a chilly night and covered with mist all the way,

She wore a coat and headed down the street,

On the way she met a man who was very kind and sweet,

Excuse me he said,

Where does this road lead?

She replied oh I too have lost my way and I am not sure what to say,

They looked at each other and smiled,

Have I seen you before Sir?

He replied I don’t recall your face,

It’s funny that I feel so,

The man was probably in his middle age,

Where do you want to go, he asked?

She smiled and said I have to reach my home,

He said my home used to be here many years ago,

But now I am not sure where they stay,

She asked, Sir is your family close here?

He replied yes, I lost them years ago,

Oh My! she said I too lost my father ages ago,

I was a small baby and can’t remember his face,

But he left me a bracelet which to remember him by,

The man saw the bracelet and was shocked,

You are my daughter he said,

She was overjoyed,

Oh Father! This is so great,

I was searching for you every single day,

I am glad I found you,

Both of them had so much to say,

They happily made their way down the street,

But this time they were lost together….


A Connection

A strange feeling comes over,

Which keeps you awake at night,

Tossing and turning in the bed,

Sleep deprived,

How much you try to shut your eye,

It just doesn’t happen why?

Subconsciously you know something is not right,

A restlessness sets in with uneasiness,

The next day arrives,

Which brings some bad news of someone you like,

Sometimes we feel the connection so strong,

That we can feel it in our minds….

The Cowboy

A cowboy on a horseback,

Rode in the scorching sun dressed with hat and boots,

Along he rode to the desolate landscape of deserts and mountains in search of his family roots,

He crossed ranches, small towns and wilderness only to reach a small gap in the mountain,

For he believed this was the place his ancestors lived and stayed,

He got down from the horse and made his way,

As he entered the deep cave he lit a fire with his lighter so he could see ahead,

He found a small pond of water in between and sat down rested,

He could hear some sounds coming from a distance away,

Those were familiar songs he knew he said,

Sung by his ancestors in special occasions they say,

He remembers the wordings and smiles away,

Closer to the place he makes his way,

Strange people sitting around a fire and children play,

He thinks is this my family?

I am unknown to them but yet they stare at me,

Do they recognize the similarity?

They greeted and welcomed him to stay,

He heard stories from the elders of their journey there,

The next day he left back to his ranch with good memories that will stay with him forever…


Far From Home

Oh Birds ! Flying by take me home with you,

Ov’r the hills and valleys and the light of the setting sun,

Where my family lives and enjoys together every meal,

The birds singing that come at my call,

Spring is now flowers bloom and trees sporting their new leaves,

The feel of the mist in the morning,

At night you can see the stars passing along,

The night is dark far from home, Lead me through so I find my way,

Even though I am holding on without my home i am not sure where I belong….