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When time came to a standstill,

There was silence everywhere,

Streets empty,

Absolute isolation,

Not a soul to be seen,

Survival was tough,

Fear had taken over,

Four walls were closing in,

And stranded with no place to go,

When time came to a standstill,

No laughter was heard,

Playgrounds empty,

The whole world came to a halt..


lost alone

I am lost my feet feels tired and are giving up on me,

The woods are dark and deep and I continue running,

Not looking back or stopping to rest my feet,

I tremble with fear,

Its lonely and one can hear weird sounds all around,

Huge spiders climbing out of the ground,

As I move ahead with caution I realize I am stuck in a huge web,

The spiders move towards me posing a threat,

I freeze and cannot move,

Scared and terrified I scream,

Only to wake up and realize it was a bad dream,

I take a deep breathe of sigh and relief….