A Beautiful Feeling

Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

The sun’s bright light still feeling bright with my eyes closed,

The sudden chillness of cool air that flows,

To the smell of the fresh air I breathe,

The fog that settles on that mountain gently,

To the call of the birds its time to leave,

The music I hear the dance and tapping of the feet,

The mixing of spices creating an aroma of mystery,

Fragrance of the flowers the wind brings as it passes by,

I close my eyes and I feel everything around me,

So beautiful and so serene….


The Inner Voice

A feel for something,

Before it happens,

I hear the voice in my mind,

A voice that whispers to me,

I know it is right for me,

So does the voice say,

I look deep inside my reasoning is right,

I am about to take a decision,

And the inner feeling seems just about right,

I decide to listen to the voice in my head,

And go ahead and take that step,

The voice is my intuition and It was right,

The inner feeling had guided me well,

I decide to listen to that voice every now and then…

Serenity A Feeling

She sits calmly in her chair,

Her eyes close gently as she feels the breeze through her hair,

The scenic beauty around her is a captivating sight,

Everything around her is so quite and calm creating a peaceful feeling all along,

Achieving the serenity of the mind,

Living one day at a time enjoying every moment along the way,

Keeping all the stress at bay,

She reaches the state of being peaceful and untroubled,

She remains calm and is true to oneself regardless of what is going on…